Meet Jeff Dow

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Jeff created the Digital Soldier Network (DSN) to help Patriots get involved in the digital war we are currently battling.  If you are looking to join the digital fight--we teach you how to inform YOURSELF on important topics.  


We are the pioneers in the field of 'Digital Soldiers'!


Jeff--The face of the DSN:

 Currently Working on finishing his AA, then onto a BA in marketing/advertising.

Work History:

 10 Years Navy Intel w/ high level clearance.
 Communicated with 1-4 star Admirals and Generals on a daily basis (most of the time).
 Worked at an outstation unit under Admiral Rogers.
 Delivered daily briefs and reports of interest to Admiral McCraven, General Votel and others.

Awards, Titles, and Designations:

 2 Joint Service Commendation Medals
 2 Navy Achievement Medals
 1 Flag Letter of Commendation
 7 Quarterly awards
 Admiral Rogers Coin
 Admiral McCraven Coin

Other Info:

 At his first duty station, after only 2 years on mission, he was only an E-4, and was in charge of (4)
E-5's and (12) E-4 's and below.
 Jeff has worked his entire career to be the most proficient he could be at the job, and then took his knowledge and taught others to "equip the team".

 He has been the Training Petty Officer at two locations, and has overseen the training for
over 140 multi-service military members.
 Jeff also re-wrote an entire Job Qualifications Requirement and Standard Operating Procedure for an entire division as they shifted to newer systems.

The Facts:

 He has the "coolest 'pupper' ever".  His spunky pup, Atlas, is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd.
 Jeff was born with an extra thumb on his right hand.
 He is nearly blind in his left eye.
 Jeff was the kid that graduated with no superlatives -- unless "most likely to get picked on" was a category.
 He finished HS with honors, and currently has all A's and  only (2) B's in his pursuit to finish his AA in December 2020.

 Jeff got out of the military with over 40k in debt, that will be paid off at the end of August 2020.
 He was almost evicted a year ago and had to claw his way back to where he is currently


If you’re tired of watching everything that is happening on tv/social media, and you want to roll up your sleeves and get dirty, now is the time! 


Be sure to follow us on our social platforms that are linked at the top right corner of the page.  Be sure to tune in to our broadcasts M-F at 3pm (Eastern) on Periscope and let us know if you're ready to join our team.

"Giving you the tools to join the fight"

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