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Get Exposure NOW!!

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So, your business and you need to get your product or service in front of the right people who are most likely to connect with your business and become a customer. Awesome!!

The DSN Podcast reaches a HIGHLY Conservative and engaged audience. Approximately 5500 people across 7 platforms. The audience is building in three areas: 

- Local to Tampa Bay,
- The State of Florida,
- Nationally.

I have 3 spots available in each hour block per show (18 1-minute ad spots/week)
The price WILL increase as the audience grows, but for now it will be $50/1 minute ad. 

1 Minute Ads

Once A  Month


Twice A  Month


Maximum Exposure Without Audience Exhaustion

Once A  Week


Once A  Show


For any of these options, please email me and let me know which option you would like. 

(Click on my 'Past Interviews' page to see some of the heavy hitters I've had on my show.
We are constantly looking to get new guests on the show as well. We are booked 4 weeks out now with guests. Growth is inevitable).

Recently I've been on two local AM/FM Radio stations here in Tampa, here is one of the interviews I did with Audra Christian on Tan Talk

I have also been on the Nationwide Radio Show 'John B Wells- Caravan To Midnight'

I am working to get on other local, state and national shows to continue to get exposure to what I am working on, but also to get further reach for businesses. 

As the prices go up, they won't come back down. I'll honor all ACTIVE clients and only new/returning clients will see the price increase in the future. 

If you would like to get your company in front of my audience of about 5500 people, please email me at

You can also reach out if you would like to take up 3 minutes instead of a 1 minute slot or any other ideas you may have. 

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