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Precinct Committeeman

Step 1 (What?)

(The Secret)

(Watch Me First)

Step 2 (Why?)

Step 3 (How?)

Start The Process

                      1- Click HERE to find your State Rep
(If your State Rep is a Democrat, find the nearest R nearby. Send me an email if you click around your state website and find no one. You're looking to find an Republican Representative or Senator's email.)
                      2- Email them to start the process
(If you need a template for what I said to mine, click here)
                                    3- County Process 
(This is MY process, your state/county may be slightly different)
       - Sign 2 oaths (State and Republican loyalty oaths)
       - Precinct Training
       - Go to 2 REC meetings (sworn in on the second              meeting)

(If your precinct is full, you might be able to be an alternate, or run against one of them in your precinct if they are a RINO)

Lastly, If you would like to join the Discord channel where we are all working together to create change at the precinct level, or you just get stuck somewhere, send me an email at:

Click To View Your State's Leadership

(Tabs will also show voting track record of state Reps/Senators as we populate them)

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