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"This Will Not Be Another 4 Year Election"

At least not on MY watch.

Hosea 4:6 "My people perish for lack of... knowledge". I truly believe that "We The People" have been asleep at the wheel. President Reagan said it best:


With that said, I recognize that "I don't get involved in politics" has been the general consensus of those we would call our elders. We have been too focused on the WRONG things IE, the Super Bowl, America's Next Top Model, we've even turned D.C. politicians into celebrities, all while forgetting our own back yard elected officials.

This will NO LONGER be the case. My objective going forward is to TEACH through experience. Since I have never sat these positions, I would like for we the people, to hear from former (or current) elected officials.


My only caveat is that they are specifically Constitutional Conservatives. I recognize this narrows the field, however I believe that if they are willing to share what this position entails and why it is important, I think a lot of knowledge can be gained from this. This will be very good for the voters to:

1) Learn what the importance of that role is

2) Identify the best candidates running (hopefully we can interview them all)

There will first be a video interview with someone who has sat that position, followed by interviews with all of the candidates in each race that matches that office. There will also be links to each of their websites for further research on your part. 

*With that said, I am revamping this portion of the website, so please bear with me as this will take some time to get done effectively. I started this endeavor today, 8 Feb 2022.


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