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Know Your Opponent!!

Opposition Research Definition: investigation into the dealings of political opponents, typically in order to discredit them publicly.

These services will:

  • Helps You Know Your Opponent

  • Makes It Easy To Identify and Expose Your Opponents Connections

  • ​Discover The Best Way To Plan Your Counter To Them

  • Avoid Over-Spending To Get Actionable Information

You’re running for office, and you have plenty of things to worry about. You need to be focused on shaking hands and kissing babies. You need to be focused on developing your message and campaign fund raising.

You don’t have the extra time to learn where the information is and how to make sense of it in a meaningful way. There are no online instructions on how to find information on your opponents or how to organize it. Let us handle this for you with our number of options that are custom tailored to your needs and budget.

Email us and we will set up a time to get on the phone with you to figure out exactly what you want/need and we will give you a price quote that reflects your request.



Your opponent might get a LOT of donations. They may also pay out important "players" through expenditures.

We go through your opponents Donations and Expenditures and organize the data into a manageable and understandable document. We can break it down into different categories like:

- Consulting
- Ad Spend
- Mailers
- Top 10-20 donors

- PACs


If you see companies or people of interest, we can also go deeper into those areas and map those out for an additional price.(Depends on the need)

Media/Social Media 

Voting Record

We go to where the votes are held for your candidate and put together the list of how they voted on legislation. If there are associated videos for that body that are posted online, we can also put those together for you.


Getting them on record saying the things they are saying for bills can be very damning for those currently in office. Especially if they voted in favor of any of these current mandates taking place. 

Nodal Analysis

This is a mapped out, visual version of the connections that your opponent has based on their contributions and expenditures. This can actually make things pop out that you or we might have missed in the breakdown of contributions and expenditures.

Having the voting record is one thing, but having tangible media reports (with or without comment) is even more damning. Sometimes they may say something that you really didn't expect and give you a gift. 

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