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It's time I finally offer something that continues to bring people back to this page.

No More Censorship

It's time I finally had a place where I can post my thoughts on certain topics and offer advice and direction to people who follow Digital Soldier Network and want to get more involved.

There Are Two People I Am Looking For.. Are You One Of Them?

Have you served in the military in the past and got out only to see your country falling into socialism? You want to get involved, but not only does that uniform no longer fit like it once did, you're just not where you were when you were in... No worries, your oath never expired. Do you find yourself saying "I never joined the military, but I always wish I had"? You too are watching your country slip away and you're tired of watching the corrupt career politicians and corporate level entities making decisions that you just disagree with and you want to do something. This website is just for you. You are not forgotten, you are not left out. You just were not given the tools for today's battlefield. We are going to change that now. I take from my expertise in the Navy/NSA and combine that with my 10 years of growing businesses and studying government to give you, what I believe will help you get more involved. I don't know what your goals and aspirations are, but something tells me you're tired of sitting on the sidelines and you want to get involved.

I've got a couple of "bootcamps" already created for you and we are bringing more information online to help you get involved in your local government, or even HOA or school board. Everything helps. We can no longer sit idly by. It's time that "we the people" remind them of who they work for.

#digitalsoldier #wethepeople #localgovernment

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